Wine Life

Much of my work is in the wine industry where I seek to develop an international career as an authority on wine. You can visit my wine blog and read more about my projects below.

Wine Blog

If you didn't already know, the wine world is a vast, ever changing plethora of people and ideas. From a knowledge perspective it is utterly unconquerable. The only thing that can truly be accepted, is that the more we know, the more there is to learn.

Of course that doesn't put the wine geek off. We are always searching for ways and means to condense all that global wine activity into something more manageable. When you become passionate about something you tend to explore it deeper and deeper. The above site is my attempt.

It started with my growing frustrations in trying to locate specific information for wines I was drinking. I wanted to know which village the wine came from, how big the vineyard was, how many bottles a year were made, acidity levels, and maturation decisions. Yes, I was a major wine geek. I'd search, and Google would throw up endless retail shops and amateur blogs, only occasionally would I find the official winery website and only occasionally would they contain the information I needed.

I wanted to make searching more efficient, I wanted all the facts and figures in one place. As I thought about it I could see other benefits. If I had every producer in the world set out on the site with all their wines and associated knowledge, it would make learning easy. Yes, I'm not just a geek, I'm also mad.

Since then I've realised just what a massive task that really is. It's a long term project and one I do out of love than anything else. The ambition remains the same, but for now, it serves as a home for my ongoing wine writing as well as a documentation of the various projects I'm involved with and the experiences I've accumulated.

As far as my limited technology skills permit, it is set out with the idea of learning in mind. Bare with me though, it is very much a work in progress.