Why you should create and WRITE DOWN your routine for smashing it

I consider myself to be capable of much more than I'm achieving. This applies to almost every aspect of my life. I know I can add more value to the people that matter to me most, make my family more financially secure, be more creative and bring better projects to fruition quicker etc etc etc.....

While we need to be aware of when we are being unnecessarily hard on ourselves, we also need to recognise when we are in a rut. Extended periods of underachievement can leave us feeling stagnated and demotivated.

Part of the reason I created this blog was to articulate myself out of said rut, to stop myself losing site of my goals and help define my actions in a more logical way. But that's still vague, high level thinking. Sometimes we need to delve deeper in order to create habits that step by step put us back on a positive trajectory.

While creating a strategic career map for myself, I considered what I could do on a daily and weekly basis to stay on track. One of the outcomes was a routine for smashing it, a weekly plan I wanted to experiment with.

For me freelancing brings a great deal of stimulation and excitement. It allows me to work on any number of cool projects that, if I was an employee in a big machine, I would simply not be able to do. For example, I've written a book in Macedonia, I've been able to judge in wine competitions all over Europe and been able to start a magazine in my home town. For me these are cool things.

But freelancing also brings uncertainty and stress. To insure that my pipeline offers as much security as possible, one of my solutions was to build a daily regime that I could put into effect.

Things will always come up that make your regime difficult to stick to, but the very act of writing it down can be inspirational and focus your mind on what you need to do. When most of us fall into a rut, it's because we've lost sight of what we are trying to achieve. Perhaps an obstacle or difficulty has come along and knocked us off course and we're struggling to get back on our path.

If you could just turn to your plan and see how you should be spending your next few days, it's a lot easier to list your tasks accordingly. Just recently unexpected stuff came up and I was aware my productivity levels had dipped. I turned to my schedule, and with new found enthusiasm, endeavoured to spend the following days in a more focused way.

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