Tortoise Issue 3 is now out

Issue 3 of Tortoise Magazine was released today. It features a wintery atmospheric illustration by Helen Docksey on the cover and another strong curation of Chester's creative stories. We've worked hard to make sure this stands up against the well received second. It's been an interesting journey.

The process behind each issue is different however. In many ways we've been able to refine some of the methods we started with but in others, the growth of the whole thing has rendered others useless. The way we edit and proof read for example is something that needs to be looked at. While we're using collaborative tools to work with each other from distance, the process is far from trustworthy.

In terms of content it reflects the interests of all three of us. This can be seen as a broad or indeed unfocused. Only time will tell. There are touches of politics and government, but also poetry and creative writing. There are some business stories as well as notes of Chester's wildlife and music scene.

As always we're indebted to the people who've funded us through advertising and been so generous with their time and craft.

Tortoise Magazine can be found around independent businesses in Chester and can also be sent directly to your door from

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