Let's make 2018 our best yet!!

Happy New Year to you all.....

Let's make 2018 our best yet!!

In January 2017 I endeavoured to publish a post called make 2017 your best year. I never finished it, which in many ways was indicative of the motivations behind the idea in the first place. I wanted to map out what I was going to achieve during the year ahead so that I could be more productive, follow through on what was important and say no to things that distract. I also wanted to be able to look back, and 12 months later, hold myself accountable to what I'd written.

As it happens, I did manage to bring some of my projects to fruition, but I can also look back on long periods of inefficiency. There were plenty of days where I allowed myself to be pulled in different directions and where I succumbed to short term gratification at the expense of my longer term goals.

This year I'm pulling together my plans early, documenting what I want to achieve. I'm hoping that writing them out in long form will help me to clarify them, and allow me to focus deeper. I also hope that in sending them out to all of you as my first newsletter of the year, these words will carry a sense of obligation that pushes me on when energy drops and motivation fades.

I want to hit 2018 running (literally) and make it my best year yet.

I want to learn, grow and achieve by

  • Staying focussed on my purpose
  • Eating and living healthily
  • Writing each day
  • Incorporating more ideas of minimalism into my business and personal life.

I think for most of us, a new year acts as a watershed, bringing with the impression of starting over, a feeling of freshness and a desire to turn bad habits into positive ones.

What stands out most from conversations I've had over the last few weeks though is just how intensive 2017 seemed to be. The relentless round the clock media noise, the speed of technological change and its impact on society and the increased demands on our time and energy just to maintain the status quo have probably left us mentally exhausted.

And sadly, it's not going to be any easier this year. This, I think, is the new reality; technology and disruption, an economy in flux, the incessant noise of pervasive and intrusive sales techniques, the mass digitalisation of everything will seriously overwhelm us and hold us back if we're not careful.

The key to sucessfully navigating 2018 and achieving more of what we want to is a clearer understanding of what we're really trying to accomplish and why.

So over the coming weeks I'll be working on articulating my major definite purpose in as concise and simple a way as I can. For now though, it is to continue to build a publishing and consultancy business while developing my craft as a writer.

Specifically, I'm prioritising these projects.

Finally, it's time to hold myself to account. In sharing some ideas on productivity, strategy, motivation, freelancing and entrepreneurhsip with you I seek to find a clearer understanding on how to get more from myself. Hopefully you'll also find these reflections stimulating. I'll be pressing send every Saturday morning. In the meantime, all the very best for 2018.

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