Hello, I'm Paul Caputo, writer and entrepreneur. I work mainly in the wine space where I combine my passion for travel, language, sustainability and marketing to grow a business.

Beyond this though I write about trying to get the most out life, about personal development and about the productivity routines and structures I implement along the way.

You can read more about the projects I'm involved in here.

More about me

As a kid I was fascinated about the rest of the world. I loved flags, I memorised every capital city, and dreamed of far away places. At university I studied international politics and travelled as much as I could. Joining the wine trade was my way of bringing together accumulated interests in geography, language, history and culture, and this remains a strong passion to this day. I spent a decade on the road - visiting wine regions, tasting rare wines and talking with producers about their vineyards.

Over the years, their comittment to farming sustainably and respecting their environment has imparted a deeper understanding and appreciation for the notion of community and sustainability, a theme which is increasingly visible in Tortoise Magazine, a publication I run with Sam Ryley and Kirsty Dalton with the aim of promoting Chester's vibrant creative scene. In many ways the publication sits at the intersection of several ideas and having just released our fith issue it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Despite the travel, my home town of Chester is close to my heart. When I teamed up with bespoke tailor Patrick Barker to open a natural wine bar Chester was the only location we considered. When not on the road I spend my days here, introducing customers to some truly special wines. Such a base is perfect for another little obsession, that of chronicling the thousands of wine regions, appellations, grape varieities and producers that make up this sprawling global industry. To house such an enedeavour I built a wine search engine to host my notes and reflections.

Unable to say no to new projects, I've started a blog in the hope that articulating my business goals in long form will help me to make cleverer decisions, be more productive and keep what's important at the forefront of my mind.