Wine merchant and writer. Digital entrepreneur, strategist and publisher



I am passionate about helping small businesses develop. I partner an accounting background with 10 years of marketing experience to enable me to support businesses on a strategic level.

Taking a holistic approach to preparing a company for expansion, I work on designing and implementing repeatable practices that can facilitate growth.

I would love to be your next growth partner. business....


Need a sounding board? Need some help separating the wood from the trees? I partner with businesses to explore opportunities, build road maps and develop structures. Whether you are a small company struggling to gain traction, or a large company that has lost its way, I can help design and implement strategies to help your business reach its goals.

Case study: Crichton Bespoke

Project Management

Plugging into a network of creative talent, I can manage projects large and small and bring them to fruition according to the wider objectives of the organisation. For long term projects I believe in working with AGILE project management methodology to consistently deliver measurable results.

Case study: Tortoise Magazine


I believe in the power of planning. Few businesses are able to grow organically, relying only on the demand for their product. Most have to work hard to create the right partnerships, perhaps tweaking and pivoting their offering to carve their niche and hone their message. Alongside this they must develop the internal skillsets to keep the business moving forwards. All this requires strategy.

Case studies: AEclipse

Marketing & PR

I work alongside businesses and personal brands to create quarterly marketing plans and manage PR. It can include social media plans, copywriting, ghost writing, brand analytics and more.

Case studies: Patrick Barker