Wine merchant and writer. Digital entrepreneur, strategist and publisher


As a freelance content marketer and creative strategist I am involved in a number of projects. Here are a few of them.

Caputo Wines: Caputo Wines is a curated selection of small grower wines that I have assembled while on my travels. They are available to be shipped direct to consumers in the UK.

Wine Routes: Wine Routes is a digital magazine covering the world of wine. It features news, reviews, interviews and opinions while helping consumers to navigate the endless grapes, regions and producers.

Tortoise Magazine: A new journalism project to offer Chester a little different.

Macedonian Wine Guide: An ongoing guide to the wine scene in Macedonia, co-authored with Skopje based critic Ivana Simjanovska.

Crichton Bespoke: I am currently providing digital and print marketing and branding consultancy for a bespoke tailoring house based in the North of England.